2019 Canadian Enduro Series Canmore Race Report

With a lack lustre forecast, buckets of rain earlier in the week, flooded streets, and heavy cloud cover, conditions for the 2019 Canmore Enduro looked like they'd be less than ideal. Come race day the sun was out, the trails had shed off the vast majority of the precipitation, and the fun knob was cranked to eleven.

These events are as intricate as putting on a wedding with a couple hundred guests... Only instead of focussing on two people leaving happy, two people and some incredible volunteers were making sure that everyone involved had a smile on their face by the end of the weekend.

Riders were treated to tech and flow on some of the best trails in Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park. Storms earlier in the week were now just memories, but some intermittent greasy bits of trail and a few thunder claps would keep riders honest and remind them of just how gruesome things could have been. When it counted most the sun shone brightly, there were smiles and laughter, and nothing else really matters. All's well that ends well!


Dampened Spirits

Water World! Some grim days leading up to go time.

Rain rain go away come again another day.

Hints of brighter days ahead.


Makes Perfect

Off through the new day's mist I run. Out from the new day's mist I have come. (Hammett, Ulrich, Hetfield)

The moment stages were posted riders were on course.

Mountains. Yup, we got those.

Practice trains in some slick conditions.

Some very welcome Saturday sunshine.

Old school, new school... The old man gets schooled on cornering by the boy.

Sending it for the camera in practice.

While Saturday was all about the send, Sunday would be about ground hugging speed.

All smiles. Bring on the main event.

Race Day

All's Well That Ends Well

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Let 'er buck!

Just another one of those Canadian Rockies mornings.

Raindrops on roses... Stage 1 looked like a scene from the Sound of Music

These are a few of my favourite things...

No white dresses or blue satin sashes here. Bikes are way more fun!

Stage 2. More than a few riders got caught out in these tight greasy bends.

Eye on the prize... or a $50 bill laying in the trail?

Stage 3. Thunder was rumbling in the sky but there was smooth sailing on the trails below.

Nothing but smiles on the upper half of Stage 4.

Anchoring up for the slimy steep corners lower down on Stage 4

Laura from Alberta 66 MTB dropping into the stadium to finish off Stage 5.

Nobody wanted to stop and smell the flowers on Stage 6. Weird eh?!?!

Party trains down to the finish line after a gruelling Stage 6.

There's never a bad time to throw in a little style.

This event wouldn't happen if not for people crazy enough to put it on. Marcus Henry of Steedz Enduro is one of those amazing nutbars crazy enough to pour his heart and soul into making the Canmore Enduro a reality!

Jay Balabas of the Bicycle Cafe Canmore is another totally awesome wacko to thank for dedicating his time and energy to making this incredible event come together!

Mountains of fun had by all! Until next time... Stay classy Canmore!

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